[Latest in 2022] Summary of e-book readers and e-paper tablets that can use micro SD.

Micro SD compatible e-book readers that allow you to store a large amount of e-book data and read books from a large library whenever you want. From dedicated e-book readers to e-paper tablets, we have compiled a list of models that support micro SD.

Advantages of using micro SD in e-book readers

E-book readers tend to have low internal storage capacity or models with more storage tend to be more expensive, perhaps because they are designed for "temporary synchronization of data from e-book stores.

On the other hand, micro SD prices continue to drop, and in 2022, a 128GB micro SD card will be available in the low $10 range.

The larger the capacity, the more usable it is, for example, if you want to read self-catered data on an e-book reader. micro SD e-book readers offer the great advantage of "cheap storage expansion.

Dedicated e-book reader that can use micro SD

Rakuten Kobo

Rakuten Kobo has 5 micro SD compatible models.

modelrelease date
Rakuten Kobo TouchJuly 2012
Rakuten Kobo gloNovember 2012
Rakuten Kobo AuraDecember 2013
Rakuten Kobo Aura H2O initial versionJanuary 2015

None of the models are current models, and even the newest of the five, Rakuten Kobo Aura H2O (initial version), is a model released in 2015, making it a bit old.

However, the Rakuten Kobo Aura H2O is a 6.8-inch (300ppi), backlit, and IP67 waterproof e-reader, so if you are looking for a micro SD-enabled e-reader now, the Rakuten Kobo Aura H2O is the best choice.

Note that the current Rakuten Kobo models are "all models do not support micro SD cards.

Amazon Kindle

There are no Amazon Kindle products that can use micro SD.

SONY Reader

SONY Reader, a now-defunct e-book reader from SONY, is available in four micro SD-compatible models.

ModelRelease Date
SONY Reader PRS-T3SOctober 2013
SONY Reader PRS-T2September 2012
SONY Reader PRS-T1October 2011
SONY Reader Touch Edition PRS-650December 2010

Considering that even the newest model among these, SONY Reader PRS-T3S, is a 2013 model and has been on the market for more than 5 years, as well as "no backlight" and "low resolution", it is better to buy Rakuten Kobo Aura H2O than to buy SONY Reader now. It would be better to buy Rakuten Kobo Aura H2O than to buy SONY Reader now.

E-paper tablets that can use micro SD

Although not a dedicated e-book reader, a small number of Andoird tablets with e-paper LCD screens have appeared in the past few years.

Here we will check out e-paper tablets that can use micro SD.


Likebook, an e-paper tablet, is an Android OS tablet with an E Ink LCD.

It is not a dedicated e-book device, but it can be used as an e-book reader since it is compatible with Google Play Store.

ModelRelease Date
LikeBook Ares Note2019
LikeBook Mimas2019
LikeBook Mars2018

Like the Rakuten Kobo and Amazon Kindle, the LikeBook Mars is not tied to an e-book site and can be used by downloading your favorite e-book apps from the Google Play Store and storing them on a micro SD card, so it has the specifications you want in an e-book reader.

However, the disadvantage is that even the lowest-priced LikeBook Mars costs 27,800 yen, making it one of the more expensive e-book readers.


Like Likebook, the BOOX series is an e-paper tablet that runs on Android.

We have seen e-readers that can use micro SD.

The trend of e-readers such as Amazon Kindle and Rakuten Kobo, which are original e-readers from e-book stores, do not have micro SD cards, and if you want to use micro SD cards in e-readers, you need to look for older models or use "e-paper tablets If you want to use a micro SD card in an e-book reader, you should look for an older model or use an "e-paper tablet" like Likebook.