Advantages and disadvantages of reading on a balance ball

The balance ball is popular as a simple exercise item. In this issue, we summarize the advantages and disadvantages of reading on a balance ball.

Benefits of reading on a balance ball

It corrects your posture.

When reading, we tend to have poor posture because we want to adopt a comfortable posture. When you get on the balance ball, you are forced to correct your posture because you cannot sit without correct posture.

Correct posture is said to reduce back pain and fatigue, so it is effective to use the reading time you spend doing it for a long time.

You can add exercise to the mix.

If you move left, right, back and forth while sitting on the balance ball, you can do simple muscle training while reading, as it is effective in strengthening the inner muscles.

However, "just sitting on the balance ball" is not considered to be very effective for muscle training, so you need to train in the right way.

Disadvantages of reading on a balance ball

If not ridden with the correct posture, it may cause back pain.

The difficulty with the balance ball is that if you do not ride it with the correct posture, you may get back pain due to the load on your lower back and other parts of your body.

If you usually have a correct posture, you probably do not have a problem, but if you have a habit of sitting shallowly on a chair, riding on a balance ball without a backrest may cause lower back pain because you do not have the necessary muscles.

Just getting on a balance ball is not exercise.

Balance balls are often employed as office chairs and are often said to "relieve lack of exercise just by sitting on it," but it is believed that just sitting on it is not effective enough to relieve lack of exercise.

However, the balance ball does have training methods that can be done while sitting, so if you add exercise to a reasonable range while reading, it will help you get rid of the lack of exercise.

We have looked at the advantages and disadvantages of reading on a balance ball.

It is not as easy as just reading on the balance ball to get rid of the lack of exercise, but there are many advantages such as correcting posture, so please try it as one of the best ways to use your reading time.